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If you want your installation to be free of emergency situations, it only makes sense to make sure it’s inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener is your best source to use to make sure that your garage door system stays in the best working order. If you have an urgent maintenance need, a member of our maintenance staff in the Jacksonville, FL area is ready 24/7 to serve you. After you call for assistance, one of our mobile service vans will arrive promptly on your premises and our technician will have your garage door working well in no time.

The Price of Unqualified Maintenance

It’s a big error to try to save money by arranging to have your garage door examined by your uncle or any other unqualified individual. It’s a mistake because if a relatively minor issue is handled incorrectly, there is the possibility of much larger problems developing. The complex components of a garage door system are subject to huge pressures when a heavy door is in operation. If an experienced person mishandles a component, especially a component that can easily fail if interfered with, a serious injury to the untrained service worker could be the result.

Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener Jacksonville, FL 904-464-1521Inexperience is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why you need the expert and experienced personnel employed by Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener. We never take on technical employees who lack the qualifications and thorough training we require. Each member of our technical crew is highly experienced in every aspect of dealing with all the different kinds of garage door systems and their related components. When you call us for emergency maintenance or if you are receiving a regular maintenance visit, one of our service vehicles will be dispatched to your premises with a fully-trained technician on board equipped with all the tools, equipment, and parts that are needed to take care of the job safely and efficiently. When you use Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener you are getting value for money and we urge residents in Jacksonville to reach out to us with any of concerns relating to their garage door systems.

Garage Door Checkup

Complex garage door systems contain a number of interdependent components. Therefore, if a single component malfunctions there is the possibility of the entire system grinding to a halt. Such a scenario serves to emphasize the importance of regular maintenance of your garage door system. Maintenance in time saves time! By enrolling in a Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener checkup plan, you can avoid what happens when a relatively minor garage door issue turns into a serious problem because of neglect.

Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener wants to be proactive not reactive. Make use of our checkup services and our technicians will unearth potential future problems and correct them before they have a chance to turn into real ones. We will make a thorough survey of all the common failure points that affect garage door systems. Following any necessary adjustments made by our expert technician, you can have the peace of mind that your garage door is unlikely to malfunction.

Off-Track Garage Door

An important component of any garage door system is its track assembly. A track assembly is what enables the door to be opened and closed in a trouble free and efficient motion. If the door comes off its track, its movement is at the least compromised and at worst it’s unable to move at all. Broken or worn cables cause the majority of off-track door issues. The condition of the cables can be affected by wear and tear over time and also by factors relating to temperature or moisture. Unfortunately, when cables are ready to break, they don’t usually give you any warning. Generally what happens is that the cable on one side of the garage door will fail during the raising of the door. Therefore, if the door has not been fully opened, there is no way to move it – it’s stuck. Another reason for a door to come off its track is a malfunction of the “electric eye” that has the job of noticing solid objects that would prevent the door from closing. If your garage door has skewed off its track, you need the services of a trained technician. You can confidently rely on Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener’s experts who are only one phone call away. One of our qualified and trained professionals will know how to get your garage door back on its track and performing smoothly again.