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We find that many Jacksonville clients have specific requirements that fall outside the range of our stock of standard garage doors. However, this is no problem for Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener because we also have an inventory of specialty doors that can meet the needs of many of our clients. If there is no suitable option from our specialty door stock Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener can design a system for you.

Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener is able to rely on its specialty door personnel. These individuals have in-depth knowledge of our stock of specialty doors. They are also expertly trained to install, maintain, and repair these doors. Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener can find or design a specialty door answer to any residential or business garage door situation.

Insulated Doors

Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener Jacksonville, FL 904-464-1521If you are a business owner with a warehouse containing products that need to be housed in a consistent indoor temperature, an insulated warehouse door is vital. But, if you are a homeowner consider your residential garage space. With an insulated door you can transform your garage into a comfortable recreational area and use it as a workshop or for your favorite hobby. Insulation in your garage door also has more practical advantages. It protects your garage interior and its contents from the outside elements and makes your house or business facility more energy efficient. Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener can provide you with an insulated garage door and adapt it to your specific requirements.

Often overlooked is the exposure to the outside air resulting from the slight gap between a garage door and its frame. We can eliminate this situation by closing the gap with an insulating material.

Fire Doors

A garage typically stores flammable compounds such as gasoline, paints, paint thinner, cleaning solutions, etc. and are perhaps the one area in a house or a business facility that is the most susceptible to fires. Therefore, it only makes sense to install a fire door in your garage. You need to guard against the danger of a small file in the garage spreading to your house or your main business building.

An effective fire door is capable of resisting a small flare-up giving you the chance to extinguish it. The main function of a fire door is to control a fire up to critical heat levels and stop it advancing to the rest of your home or your business premises. An even more important advantage of a fire door is that you and your family or workers have time to evacuate a building before it goes up in flames.

Wherever you live, you should pay attention to municipal building codes. Many such codes specify fire resistance in a garage for a minimum of twenty minutes. Do you know that Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener can supply you with a fire door for your garage with a resistance rating above twenty minutes? Contact us for advice on providing the maximum amount of fire protection for your garage.

Traffic Doors (High-Speed Doors)

If you have a business garage entry that experiences high traffic, you need a high-speed door. These traffic-optimized doors are designed to open as quickly as possible to allow frequent entry. Jacksonville Garage Door And Opener’s high-speed doors range from relatively inexpensive models that will handle the job to high-end models that will provide your business with higher operational speeds at lower levels of noise.